The following testimonials are from people who have trained with Stephanie over the years. They share their insights on how Stephanie works and the impact she makes in their lives, which goes far beyond just personal training.
  • I sought Stephanie out in August 2015 because I wanted to feel better and have more energy. When we met, I learned that in addition to training, she also offers nutritional guidance and can also help incorporate mindfulness into your life. It is unusual to have one person help in all of these areas. The great thing about working with Stephanie is she reminds you of your goals and helps you refocus on implementing small changes that will help you achieve them. Stephanie is very professional, knowledgeable and truly cares for the well-being and success of her clients. She is attentive, positive and I am grateful to have her in my life.– Lisa deBois

  • The thing that's striking about Stephanie is her relentless focus. During every minute she'straining you, that focus is on you, helping you achieve your goals. She's highly professional, deeply ethical and very devoted, so that as a client you get the benefit of her entire range of awesome skills: nutrition, body function, cutting edge medical knowledge...whatever it takes to get you where you want and need to go. And not just when you're being trained!Stephanie helped me lose -- easily and painlessly -- 40 pounds in just about five months. She made achieving this result easy and delicious because of her wide-ranging, scientifically grounded and well balanced approach to sensible eating as a way of life. That change and the changes I see, and everyone around me sees, in my posture, physical confidence and well-being have convinced me that she's a rare find. Someone who really, really cares about her clients and cares enough to figure out the way that's best for them to achieve their own goals. She doesn't seem to have a theory she's flogging or any other impediment that might get between you and what works best for you. Long may she continue!–Florence Waterman, Los Angeles

  • Stephanie is a different kind of personal trainer. When she worked with me, she evaluated me as a whole person -- personality, preferences and habits, dietary habits and mental state -- and responded with a fitness and nutrition agenda based on all those factors on any given day. I was in the midst of a big move while we were working together, so my stress levels were high, and my physical activity (other than packing boxes) was pretty low. She was present and really participated with me while I was working out, and she was extremely attuned to the details of my body mechanics, constantly adjusting me or the exercises for maximum benefit. Stephanie is one smart cookie of a personal trainer, and she really does work by her mantra of "personal training to fit YOUR personality and lifestyle."–Gili Wolf, Los Angeles Big Bad Industries

  • Stephanie goes out of her way to discuss her clients target goals with them and discern the best route to reach those goals. She offers expert guidance on how to reach a personal achievement, encompassing everything from building of a highly personalized routine covering the ground from diet to building of individually tailored exercise programs. Incredibly friendly and affable personality, making a daunting task of building an exercise "regime" into one's life not feel like such a daunting task. She is willing to work with her clients based upon their individual needs and comfort zones. She has a relationship with a number of different smaller private gyms if one feels "out of sorts" going to a larger chain gym and getting lost in the mix w/o getting a solid, personal workout. If a client prefers a private work out program making use of park systems and home exercise, she's wiling to do that as well, making full use of the myriad array of resources available to help someone get on the path to a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Stephanie as a personal trainer to anyone who's seeking to get in shape and work with someone who not only has a winning personality, but someone who is highly capable of helping you reach your goals.–Kyle Baker, Los Angeles New Business Manager/Producer/at Paradise FX

  • I have worked with Stephanie in two of her areas of expertise: training and nutrition counseling. In both cases she was outstanding! As a trainer, she is excellent at tailoring the program to the individual and knowing exactly when to challenge and when to ease off. Ditto for her nutritional counseling as well, which is based on non-fad, solid principles of eating healthily. And her nonjudgmental approach to weight loss was just what I needed!–Beth Rosengard, Los Angeles

  • Spending exercise and health consulting time with Stephanie is like having a world-class personal trainer, an encyclopedic nutrition adviser, and a neuro-psychologist at your beck and call. She comes to the gym of your choice (or your home) equipped with the ability to give you a big-picture plan of what it will take to reach your fitness goals, and then shows you each individual step of that plan and motivates you to keep going - always mixing up the exercises along the way to keep it interesting. There may be personal trainers out there who are better at hyping their services or their muscles, but there is no better personal trainer than Stephanie Kagel.–Brennan Smith, Founder of Inspired Action Network

  • I was just thinking about you, and I guess that I have never really put into words how much you have helped me these last twelve years. My regular exercises under your skilled and watchful eyes have kept me remarkably healthy and strong for someone my age, which is 91.  I feel younger than I did when I started with you.  I walk briskly, I dance all the time, and I sleep better at night. Though I kid you about torturing me, I look forward to each time you work me out.  Whenever people look surprised about my age and ask me how I do it, I always tell them about you, and give you the credit you so justly deserve. I thank you, Pearl thanks you, and my whole family thanks you.–Jack Berman, Los Angeles

  • As a nutrition coach Stephanie is the greatest. She has helped me to realize my goal of losing weight without silly diets. She has helped me to create a new way of looking at food and why I overeat. With her help I can now make choices of both nutritional and delicious foods and still lose weight. I am very near my goal weight and will continue with Stephanie to be sure I can maintain. Stephanie is a very caring person, and because of her help with the weight loss and the issue of why I eat, I’ve accomplished a very personal and important journey.–Helen, Pacific Palisades

  • Stephanie's a true professional who brings intelligence, caring, attention and depth of information to every minute of every session. I thought I hired her for weight loss and toning, and her very personalized workouts have helped me, so far, achieve a loss of 14% body fat and the hint of a 6-pack on my mid-life tummy. A confirmed anti-exerciser, I have not been her most compliant client, so it's a real achievement. But here's the best part: with my being only dimly aware of it, Stephanie's targeted, thoughtful exercises also allowed me, for the first time, to go on my grueling, bi-annual 10-day European business trips and stay energized, vibrant and cheerful, rather than drained, grey and completely wiped out by day 5. On my latest trip, instead of lying prone at every opportunity to restore my strength, I used my extra time to visit museums and shop. I even threw a party! My family and clients can't stop commenting about it, and I always invoke Stephanie in my thanks, as she, essentially, has returned to me the joy of traveling.–Molly Maguire, age 59 Owner of SCB Distributors, an international book distribution company and Aaron Blake Publishers, publishers of Literary Maps

  • Stephanie's work-outs are personalised, highly effective and fun! Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Her commitment to health and wellness is evident in all the advice and tips she gives during each work-out. I highly recommend her as part of your healthy lifestyle program.–Marion Simms, Beverly Hills Owner at Skin Sense Wellness Spa

  • Stephanie is an amazing trainer and nutritionist, she really customizes everything for your body and lifestyle needs. I've had the pleasure of working with Stephanie at home and at the gym, she is comfortable and knowledgeable in both settings and never fails to give me good tips and an amazing workout! Stephanie is also a great listener and really takes all of your questions and concerns into consideration. I've been injured by trainers in the past because they didn't listen to what I had to say about previous accidents/injuries but I've never had to worry about that with Stephanie because she is so on top of things. I highly recommend Stephanie, if you are looking to loose weight, gain strength, tone, or just have more energy Stephanie is the trainer for you!–Kallah Maguire, Los Angeles Professional Wardrobe Stylist at The Emerald Scarab

  • Stephanie provided individualized workout programs that took my injuries, mood, and fitness level into account.  She motivated me to improve my physical fitness and eating habits.  While working with Stephanie, I achieved my weight loss goals.  She helped change my life.–Rachelle Garbarini, Corona

  • Stephanie is first-rate trainer and a great joy to work with: a lovely, kind, unintimidating, skillful mentor who achieved great results for both me and my wife. We are honored to know and recommend her.–Jeremy, Van Nuys

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